Kontact Magic FAQ

I dont have any first and last names

Head over to LinkedIn. There you can view entire lists of people who work at most companies (such as the 50000+ who work at Google, check out their LinkedIn company page). All LinkedIn users can view employee lists. If you have a LinkedIn Premium Account, you can also search company lists by Job Title and other criteria. Strategic use of Google and Facebook can also help with this.

I dont know the company website

Google the company name, it will usually be the first result, like it is here.

How accurate are the results?

When I first launched, I used Kontact Magic to find the email addresses of 25 different people to let them know about the launch and sent them all an email blast. Only 2 of the emails bounced, which means the other 23 email addresses were valid and Kontact Magic has an accuracy rate in terms of returning valid emails of over 90% for results it returns.

While we can verify that an email address exists, we can't check if the email address is abandoned or old, or if it belongs to a person of the same name that works at the same company (which is rare but can happen). These things would require human intervention (even then they would not be perfect) and would drive up the cost of the plans.

How does it work?

Kontact Magic uses its own technology to find email addresses, by querying the mail server of the domain name that you enter in. Once it has the email address it then uses other APIs to get information related to that email address such as social media profiles and images.

Does it always work?

In most cases yes. However, sometimes the email server at the domain being queried won't play ball with Kontact Magic and we won't be able to find the email. In this case no result would be returned and your remaining results limit wont be impacted.

Do you have volume based pricing for enterprise customers?

Were looking into introducing volume based (price per result) pricing in the long term, but in the short term we are going to implement an unlimited plan for enterprise customers which will give them a single figure to budget in each month for unlimited access.

What do I need to find someones email?

You will need their first name, last name and the domain name (e.g. facebook.com) of the company where they work. The domain name is the hardest part, sometimes you need to do your research, for example I've found with media reporters they often publish for multiple publications but their email address is only at the domain for one of them. I reccomend using tools like LinkedIn and Google Search to research the person and discover the best domain name to use, sometimes you may need to try more than one. We only charge when an email address is found.

Is my results balance decremented if no email is found?

No. We only decrement your results balance for found emails.

How do I cancel a paid plan?

Just downgrade to the free plan, your rebilling will be cancelled and you will get to keep any API limit you still have left for the rest of the month.

How do I contact support?

Use the form here to contact support. Were offering support for both the free and paid plans.