Were looking for Investors to get on board with Kontact Magic.

I created Kontact Magic and I have around 8 years of development experience along with about a years experience with Growth Hacking.

Currently I'm looking for investor funding, particularly from investors that can offer advice on the best ways to grow the business.

I had the idea for Kontact Magic after reading an article about a manual, time consuming way to find an email address for PR purposes. I discovered alot of people were using this technique and realised that this could be automated, so created Kontact Magic.

To find an email with Kontact Magic, you only need to provide the targeted persons first name, last name and the domain name of the company where they work. You then get a result like the one below. If you'd like to try it, go here and sign up for the free plan.

This works as long as the email services of the domain co-operate with my app (in most cases they will).

There are also other apps I'm considering building with the Kontact Magic technology (such as a LinkedIn to email plugin and gmail app), which gives us more chances of success in the long run.

If your interested in investing, contact me using the form here